Red Bead/Rope Necklace


Approximately 65cm long.

Can be worn as a single or double strand.

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Made in small family workshops by the local people of Otavalo, Ecuador.

This necklace is made from Tagua nuts. These nuts are also known as vegetable ivory due to their appearance. The nuts are harvested from Tagua Palms only three times a year as the pods naturally fall to the ground. This practice is sustainable practice and causes no environmental damage. The seeds are polished or cut with power tools into slices or buttons. The smaller seeds are tumbled to create round beads. The seeds are then dyed to produce a brilliant range of colours.

The craftspeople are all local farmers and the production of jewellery gives them an extra income to assist in enabling them to rise above a subsistence level. This project donates a percentage of profits to local schools.